FAQ Collagen

Collagen extra® marine a Healthy foundation

The Collagen peptides used in Collagen Extra® marine is an award winning example of an effective collagen peptide ingredient. Offering a unique combination of amino acids not found in other protein sources, Collagen Extra® marine is derived from natural origins of fish grade collagen halal /kosher peptides.

• Collagen and elastin create the skin structure,
• Collagen provides the infrastructure, while elastin allows skin to stretch.
• Collagen also traps moisture, hyaluronic acid.
• During aging, decreased fibroblast (skin cells) activity slows collagen and elastin synthesis, leading to loss of collagen and fragmentation - dehydration - Wrinkle formation - Loss of firmness - Loss of elasticity maintaining a well - structured collagen network is the key to youthful skin. the main struc- tural element of the skin, collagen is largely responsible for its characteristic properties, such as firmness and tonicity. collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, collagen’s role is to maintain the structure and resistance of the skin tissues, creating a network which anchors the layers of the skin and forms a support base for components such as elastin, to maintain skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. collagen fibers, constructed within fibroblast cells, are responsible for the maintenance and resistance of the skin tissues. the presence of collagen peptides regulates the activity of fi- broblasts in the skin and stimulates the production of both collagen, and hyaluronic acid which is important for skin hydration.


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