About Us👋🏻


The first essential part of our holistic project are our wellbeing and body care products such as food supplements and luxury goods. We distribute all the very best through our online shop, The Collagen Shop, combined with detailed product information to enable our guests to make the right choices about their health and welfare.

Our Collagen Shop has been created to offer our consumers new, advanced, clinically proven products that are designed to help maintain healthier and younger skin, hair, nails, promote healthier joints and an overall longevity.

The collagen that we use is one of the purest forms of protein you can get. Our unique line of collagen products contains hydrolysed liquid peptides that are derived from natural origins of fish Bovine  and Chicken grade collage Type I , II & III. All our liquid supplements are more easily and effectively absorbed into the body. Our expertise in liquid food supplements began with the collagen line and it is gradually growing in order to cover a broader range of food nutrients and supplements. 

Having said that, feel free to explore what is offered and do not hesitate to ask in case you wish to learn more or to meet us in person! Thanks for being here!