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All products in collagen shop are designed to help maintain healthier skin,hair, nails and joints. The technology that Medicare has developed is to avoid the first signs of aging from within, which can be visual in the skin, hair and joints.
The collagen peptides have been used in three different formulas in order to target separately: 
The skin with the 2 step formula treatment of

Collagen Extra ® Marine and Collagen Extra® Peptan® SR Marine  Day cream (paraben free) contains the most extensively researched collagen peptides available on the market.

The hair with the formula treatment of Max Hair Collagen is a three step treatment
  • The first step Collagen Max Hair® 200ml clinically proven Lotion against hair loss.
  • The second step Collagen Max Hair Loss Shampoo®  with L-Cysteine.
  • The third step Collagen Max Hair® is a food supplement liquid syrup which is a completely hair care formula clinically proven collagen peptides for hair support.
Lastly the treatment of Collagen MSM Plus® B-peptan®  is a revolutionary formula containing specific B-peptan collagen peptides clinically proven to have a positive effect on joint cells and pain reduction. For instant pain relief Medicare has developed the ultimate cooling gel with arnica and MSM paraben free Collagen MSM Plus™ Cryotherapy gel with Arnica and MSM.
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