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Medicare Europe Ltd

Collagen Max Hair Shampoo® 250ml

Collagen Max Hair Shampoo® 250ml

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For Strength & Volume!

A Paraben-free Shampoo

A formula for shiny and luscious hair. Say no to hair loss.

Ingredients: Aqua, aloe leaf juice, collagen, biotin, dimethicone, parfum

Suggested instructions of usage: For better results comb or brush your hair before showering.

A. Wet your hair thoroughly:

Don’t jump straight into applying your shampoo. Instead, let your hair get thoroughly wet.
Depending on how thick or dense your hair is, this might take longer than you think. So let the water flow over your head for at least 1 minute, then run your fingers through your hair to ensure all of it (even the ends) are fully wet.
Letting your hair get fully wet with lukewarm water helps open the cuticles, making it easier for your hair to absorb your conditioner later, Davis says.

B. Apply your shampoo:

Apply a generous amount of shampoo you need to make sure you’re applying the correct amount of shampoo for your hair length.
If you have short hair, aim for a dollop of shampoo that’s about the size of a 2-pound coin. For shoulder-length hair, think quarter-sized.
If you have long hair, you’ll want to squeeze enough shampoo to roughly cover your palm and gently massage it into your scalp.

C. Massaging your scalp:

Don’t be tempted to dig in with your nails and “loosen” buildup on your scalp, but this is a really bad idea. “Our scalps are highly vulnerable to abrasive washing,” do not scrub with your nails, as it may cause serious irritation — or even let infections. Instead, take the time to massage your scalp with gentle pressure, sans nails with the tips of your fingers for about 3-4 minutes. “Move your fingers and palms gently to avoid tangling and damaging the follicles.”

D. Rinse thoroughly:

Spend 1 to 2 minutes rinsing your hair to be sure no soap remains. Repeat the process if necessary.

E. Dry your hair:

Once you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair. Be sure to squeeze or pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it. Use a microfibre towel or an old T-shirt to dry your hair if you can. The rougher the material fiber, the more damage it may cause to your hair.
Lastly, try to avoid shampooing yourself every day. Your hair, depending on your activities in the city you live, if you live in a busy polluted city requires shampooing from 2 to 3 times (tops) a week. This is the best for your natural oil to nourish your hair.
If you are using the Lotion in combination with the shampoo as a treatment you can use the lotion in-between your shampooing in the morning and in the evening and/or before and after every shower (shampooing).

Collagen Max Hair Shampoo® is manufactured in the UK by Medicare Europe Ltd according to ISO: 9001:2008 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

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