Reverse the damage of the sun with Collagen Extra ® Marine peptan®

Reverse the damage of the sun with Collagen Extra ® Marine peptan®

Reverse the damage of the sun with Collagen Extra ® Marine peptan®

UV rays accounted for  80 per cent of skin ageing

Collagen Extra ® Marine contains Fish-peptan® collagen peptides clinically proven to:


Sun Damage to Skin - Rejuvinated

  • Support Skin Health

  • Prevent deep wrinkle formation

  • Increase skin suppleness

  • Increase skin hydration

  • Significantly improve skin dryness

  • Improve Skin restructuring

  • Improve Skin firmness and elasticity


Collagen Extra ® Marine contains the most extensively researched Collagen peptides available on the market






Collagen Extra® Marine


Each Collagen Extra® Marine 25ml cup contains 8,000mg of peptan ® the highest quality Marine Hydrolysed Liquid Collagen in the market, combined with 40mg Hyaluronic Acid, 100% of the RDA in Vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, B6 and Magnesium in liquid form for high absorption and bioavailability.


Skin restructuring in just one month


In the latest study done by Cosderma in France, 106 women took part in a clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of the collagen peptides F (fish origin) peptan®. At the end of the 12-week study, a collagen fragmentation decrease of 31 per cent was reported in participants who received collagen peptides F with obvious results after just one month. No change was observed in the placebo group. 10 By decreasing collagen fragmentation and increasing collagen density, collagen peptides F peptan® lead to visible improvements in skin structure, firmness and elasticity after 1-3 months, boosting the collagen network and thus promoting visible anti-age effects on the skin. This restructuring of the skin is key to the understanding of how peptan® collagen peptides F can boost the collagen network and promote younger looking skin.

Collagen Extra ® Marine peptan® works from the inside to reverse the aging process

  • Cosderma 2012, clinical data, 106 women (publication in press)

  • Skin restructuring occurred in just one month

  • Confocal Laser & echography analysis of the deeper layers of dermis showed significant differences after taking Peptan ®collagen peptides

  • Fragmentation decrease (restructuring of skin) Collagen density increase (boosting of skin)


Collagen Extra® Marine peptan® Collagen peptides and skin benefits from within

  • Collagen peptides the key to smoother skin

Fine lines and wrinkles are a key indicator of age and as such, wrinkle prevention is the primary aim of many consumers. A 12-week study conducted by Dermscan in France demonstrated that consumption of the collagen peptides peptan ® contributes to a significant decrease in the number of microrelief furrows by 26 per cent. The trial also showed that peptan ® collagen peptides can help prevent deep wrinkle formation and increase skin suppleness by 19 per cent.



The Collagen peptides used in Collagen Extra® Marine is an award winning example of an effective collagen peptide ingredient. Offering a unique combination of amino acids not found in other protein sources, Collagen Extra® Marine is derived from natural origins of fish grade collagen halal /kosher peptides.




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